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Our Story

• A Love for Yachting 

Hi there,

It's Nik, founder of The Yacht Clique, coming in with a quick story.

I grew up spending most of my summers in Greece with a half-Greek grandfather, jokingly (or not), calling me malaka whenever he got angry at me.

Throughout the long summers, I learned to appreciate the coastal and island living culture and the lifestyle associated with it - the freedom you have as a human, the importance of your friends and family you share your life with and the beautiful nature which should be treated with respect and care for generations to come.

Fast forward over a decade and a half later, in the summer of 2015, I received a call from a good friend of mine - “Hey, I just got my skipper license, would you like to join me on a boat in Greece during the weekend?”. I immediately said “yes” and invited a couple of other friends, despite my only "boat experience” being the several sea-sickness agony rides I had on comet ferries.

The result of the call was an incredible 5-day sailing trip around the Northern Greek islands of the Aegean sea, shared with seven of my closest friends enjoying delicious food, stunning sunsets, turquoise waters and dolphins jumping around.

Pretty soon after this trip, I got my skipper license and yachting became the primary topic of our evening get-togethers. None of us knew that in the upcoming years we will pile-up thousands of nautical miles, exploring islands, new cultures and building strong friendships.

We kept inviting more and more friends and our clique of like-minded adventure seekers became bigger and bigger.


The Yacht Clique is our way of inspiring people to get into yachting, our way of spreading what we believe is the yacht life message: 

“Explore the unknown with unlimited freedom, true friends in harmony with nature.”

A message so simple, yet recognized by millions of people around the world sharing the same values, principles and vision for life.

Are you part of the Clique?

Yours truly,